Custom Blueprints

Have some ideas, but not sure where to begin? B Wise Contractors offers custom home designs and custom home blueprints. Some things to take in to consideration when designing your home:

  1. How long will be living in your home
    If you plan on living in this home through retirement, focus on designing your home the way you want it; regardless of current design trends. If you are planning on possibly selling your home after your kids move out, then you should take in to consideration how the home may be used when you sell it. Things to take in to consideration include making the bathrooms large enough to retrofit with assisted living features.
  2. How old are your kids?
    Will you still be owning the home when they move out?
  3. Are you considering having elderly family members move-in with you?
    This will impact the layout and design of the basement. It should be designed to accommodate retrofitting a kitchen, and everything required for a legal basement suite. The layout of the home should also accommodate retrofitting an elevator.
  4. Are you considering having a legal basement suite or garden suite?
    Legal basement suites and garden suites have special requirements that must be met.
  5. Are you building in the country?
    This will impact window and door design.

Style & Colour Scheme

The two key initial design elements are the style of the home, and the colour scheme. These will impact your choice of:

  • Truss design
  • Window and door styles
  • Type of siding

3D Renderings

Whatever style or colour scheme you are considering, Edmonton Sunrooms And Renovations will provide 3D renderings of your home as part of the design process. This will allow you to get a good feel for how your home will look before the walls are being framed, or finishing work has begin. Modifying your home during the design stage will save you the cost and headache of making changes during the construction of your home.

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