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Is more living space needed? Would moving to a new home in Edmonton or surrounding area be too stressful or costly? Then building a home addition is a great, cost-effective, way to gain valuable living space. Also, if building a new home is not in the budget, then for the most part home additions are an excellent alternative.

Your B Wise Built Home Addition Will Be:

  • 100% custom made for you
  • fully insulated to provide you with a year-round comfortable living space
  • engineered to support a lot of snow
  • engineered to resist wind, hail, and whatever else Mother Nature throws at it
  • built from high quality materials; therefore, it will be guaranteed to last for 25 years – up to a lifetime!

Built To Seamlessly Match The Rest Of Your Home

B Wise built additions look like it has always been part of the home. Firstly, interiors are designed to flow with the rest of the home. Secondly, the exterior is designed to the look like of the rest of the house including:

  • matching the roof line, or modifying the roof line
  • matching the existing siding, or by replacing siding on the entire home
  • capping all windows
  • matching roof tiles, or by replacing roofing tiles on entire roof

B Wise Can Look After It All

Need design ideas? Want us to look after the permits? B Wise has the expertise to look after all aspects of building your home addition.

Visit our portfolio  to view one of our featured projects of an addition as it is being built.

Home addition financing is available, so call (780) 489-0181, or contact us to book an in-home consultation today!