B Wise Contractors gathers general information for internal use only. Information is not provided to third parties for any reason. Any information that is gathered is to allow a B Wise Contractors representative to serve our customers.

Last Names

Last names are required to ensure contact information is kept on file accurately.

Address or Location Information

Since our website, social media platforms, and other online presence can be viewed from most places in the world, B Wise Contractors wants to ensure the person they are reaching out to is in their service area.

Given that people have the ability to port phone numbers, an area code on a phone number is no longer sufficient to determine if a person making an inquiry is in B Wise Contractors’ service area.

Phone Numbers

Given all of the options of materials available, and varying scope of each project, it is in the person’s best interest to speak with a B Wise Contractors’ representative in person.

Email Addresses

This is to allow B Wise Contractors to contact a person when they are unavailable by phone.