We’ve been in the industry a long time, and have seen it all. Without a doubt you get what you pay for. This is why our philosophy is:

“High quality materials and 100% compliance with manufacturer installation specifications.”

To maximize the value of your renovation project you need:

  • High Quality Materials – this provides a high return on your dollars
  • Skilled Tradespeople and Licensed Professionals – Building materials perform the best when properly installed.
  • Industry Experience – A tried, tested, and true track record is important.

All of our work is guaranteed. Unlike many other contractors, we are licensed, and insured. 

A High-Quality Renovation Starts With The Right Materials

B Wise Contractors believes that the best products are those designed for the areas that they will be used in.

Most of our products are made in North Western Canada. This means they are made for our specific climate zone. As a result we are able to offer 25 year to Lifetime Warranties on:

  • Window & Door Replacements & Upgrades
  • Exterior Siding & Insulation Installations
  • Sunrooms and Patio Covers
  • Custom Built Additions
  • Basement Renos and Legal Suite Conversions

We Have Proven Experienced, Reliable, Specialized Installers

You will only receive the full value, comfort and benefit from building materials when they are properly installed. 

Our crews are selected based on proven track records of professional customer service. More importantly, they are specialized in their fields of expertise. Each one is a  master of one trade. Such as window installation, or finish carpentry. All of our plumbers and electricians are certified.

Thorough, Detailed, And By The Book

We take complete ownership of the projects we set out to accomplish. Unquestionably we will never leave a customer disappointed.

We can take care of all the engineering, designs, drawings, and city permits. Alternatively we give you the information you need to get the job done properly, safely, and legally. Find out more about Permits & Planning.

Any issues that arise are dealt with swiftly. This includes dealing with a manufacturer. We believe in doing the job right. Unquestionably we never cut corners. We make sure that all of the work is done according to all building codes, manufacturer specifications, and most importantly to your satisfaction! B Wise Contractors empowers you with knowledge so you can make the best decision for your home, and ultimately your family.