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Your Multi Family Renos And Commercial Renos Experts

Are you looking to upgrade an apartment building, seniors complex, or other multi family building in Edmonton or surrounding area? B Wise Contractors has the licenses, WCB coverage, and expertise. All in all we can look after all aspects of multi family renos, or commercial renos.

Putting Off Renovations Today Can Cost You In The Future

A high vacancy rate in Edmonton means renters have a lot of choice. As a result you need to make improvements to attract these tenants. So now is the time to start planning your multi family reno.

Reno projects do more than enhance the look of the building. They usually uncover some issues with rot, mold, or mildue. The sooner you discover these issues, the better. The longer these issues are left alone, the worse they become. By the same token these issues become more expensive to fix.

Here is an example of the type of issues that may be uncovered. As bad as these issues were, they would have been much worse if left for a few more years.

Increase Energy Efficiency To Save Money

Renovating your building also provides an opportunity to improve its energy efficiency. Improving energy efficiency means reducing heating costs. One way to improve its energy efficiency is by adding exterior insulation.

You Are In Good Hands With B Wise Contractors

B Wise Contractors can look after entire multi family renos or commercial renos including planning, designs, and permit aquisition. Our design services now include the ability to provide 3D diagrams. This will allow you to see what the finished project will look like before construction even begins.

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