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B Wise Contractors are experts in window replacement and door replacement. Without a doubt triple pane low-e windows are an excellent way to increase warmth and comfort of your home. In the case of doors, it’s amazing what the right new door for the look of the exterior of your home.

Proud To Install High Quality Products Manufactured In Alberta

Needless to say, only a window and door manufacturer located in Alberta understands our climate. After a long search we found one that stood above the rest. Best of all they are local. They manufacture right here in Edmonton! Without a doubt, whether you are looking for window replacement and door replacement in your existing home, or are looking for windows and doors for your new home, PlyGem has what you’re looking for.

For more than a quarter century PlyGem has been engineering high quality, ENERGY STAR ® rated products. All in all we use them because:

On the whole vinyl windows are the most commonly used window in North America today. All in all this is a result of their energy efficiency, durability, and low maintenance.

Dual Or Triple Paned?

B Wise Contractors offers both dual and triple pane options for window replacement. Undoubtedly the best option depends on your application, and budget.

To sum up here are the key advantages and disadvantages to both:

Triple Paned Window Dual Paned Window
Excellent noise reduction.
Specifically it greatly  reduces noise
from traffic, and  neighbours.
Adequate noise reduction. Make no mistake, you’ll still hear the trucks go by, but they won’t wake you up at night!
minates condensation. As a
matter of fact, even if you have high moisture in your home (humidifiers, aquariums, plants) your windows will not fog up.
On those -30, -40 nights there might be condensation: you’ll need to decrease the moisture level in your air.
Saves lots of money. Likely your energy costs will drop as much as 35% with a Triple Paned window retrofit! Saves some money. Likely your energy costs will drop as much as 20% with a Double Paned window retrofit.
Doors, Doors, And More Doors!

From economical steel to luxurious stainable fiberglass, we offer an endless supply of entry doors.

The main entrance of your home is a critical focal point in home design. Without a doubt the right door sets the tone and look for the entire home.

You can achieve the look you want:

  • With or Without Glass – Glass options themselves are endless many different types of privacy frosting and grill options.
  • Metal, Fiberglass, or Wood – Each material has their pros and cons depending on your application and desired results.
  • Top quality products that not only looks beautiful but also deliver safety, comfort and style – To get design ideas and to see some popular styles click here.

We have one of the widest selection of doors in Edmonton, and with the ability to custom design; the possibilities really are endless!  We also only use specialized installers. When you choose B Wise Contractors you get experience; over 80 years worth!

Window replacement financing is available, so call (780) 489-0181, or contact us to book an in-home consultation today!

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B Wise Contractors Commercial Window Replacement
B Wise Contractors Window Replacement

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