B Wise Contractors Vinyl Siding

B Wise Contractors vinyl siding installers uses vinyl siding manufacturer by Royal Building Products.

Royal Residential Series

Royal’s Residential Series gives you the best value for your dollar which is why it is so popular. The Royal Residential Series is available in two styles:

  • Royal Residential 4.5″ Traditional
  • Royal Residential Triple 3″

The series is also available in eight standard colours, and eight premium colours. (Click HERE to view all the colours.)

Royal Woodland Series

An even better series is the Royal Woodland Series. It is also available in two styles:

  • Royal Residential 4.5″ Traditional
  • Royal Residential 4.5″ Designer

The series has even more colours than Royal Residential Siding. Ten standard colours, and twenty premium colours are available to choose from. (Click HERE to view all the colours.) In addition to a wider selection of colours, the Woodland Series offers longer boards. Longer boards means fewer seams. All in all fewer seams provides a nicer look.


B Wise Contractors installs Royal Vinyl Siding because it is more durable than other brands. By far it is stronger, and is less likely to fade. Royal Vinyl Siding is stronger for two reasons. The first reason is the exclusive Windlok™ Technology. This technology allows the vinyl siding to hold up to 255 km/h winds without flapping, or tearing away. Secondly, Royal Vinyl Siding is a thicker vinyl siding than others.

For even more durability, add our contoured foam insulation. This insulation will also provide an extra R5 insulation value to your home.

As far as fading goes, this vinyl siding is guaranteed not to peel, flake, chip, split or blister. This is due to the exclusive Dura Technology™ Process used to add the colour.

Unbeatable Warranty

Without a doubt an unbeatable lifetime warranty is provided. It is non-prorated, and  fully transferable. This warranty provides you with peace of mind for as long as you own your home.

Professional Installation

Proper installation ensures vinyl siding performs as it should. Since proper installation is important, B Wise Contractors only uses qualified professionals. You will be as happy with the workmanship as you are with the product.

Siding replacement financing is available, so call (780) 489-0181, or contact us to book an in-home consultation today!

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