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QuikTherm Exterior Insulation

B Wise Contractors uses the highest quality products. This is why we use QuickTherm exterior insulation. This insulation will keep the cool air inside during the summer, and keep the heat in during the winter. It features Solar Dry (SDI). SDI is a vented and perforated outboard continuous rigid insulation technology. It has been designed, tested and engineered for framed hybrid (batt and continuous rigid insulation combined) and empty cavity walls. 

SDI is permeable. It manages vapour diffusion and channels bulk water to the outside. As a result, SDI reduces the risk of mold and building material degradation.

Shallow, free air, unobstructed venting encourages outward bulk water drainage and drying. Engineered perforations allow vapour to diffuse naturally to the vented air gaps and surrounding ambient air. Low emissivity (Low E), foil like metalized polymer facers reduce inward vapour solar drive. Air Dry Connect’s unique drying ability mitigates the potential for mold and material degradation.

For framed wall assemblies; SDI’s thermal performance, drying and drainage (hygrothermal) capabilities have been tested, by recognized Building Science organizations.


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Solar Dry consists of engineered perforated metallic polymer facers – laminated over closed-cell, lightweight and resilient Type 2 expanded polystyrene. 3/16” deep drainage cavities occupy approx. 75% of its inboard panel surface. On the outboard side, furring materials are mechanically fastened through SDI panels directly to framing members.

Adding 1″ exterior insulation will add an extra R8 to your walls. Adding 2″ exterior insulation will add an extra R13 to your walls.

Exterior insulation can be added with any type of siding. Without a doubt B Wise Contractors offers the highest quality siding. This includes Royal vinyl siding, and Hardie Plank siding.  

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