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In fact, B Wise Contractors offers two types of 4 season sunrooms. First of all, there is an aluminum construction sunroom that provides better insulation than a 3 season sunroom. Secondly, there is a stick built 4 season sunroom that is similar to a home addition.

Features Of Our 3 Season Sunrooms

3 Season sunrooms feature single-pane glass, and minimal or no insulation. Large windows let as much light as possible and have a separate entryways outside. These additions have no heating or cooling system, or they have their own systems. 

Features Of Our 4 Season Sunrooms

Whereas,  a 3 season sunroom includes single pane windows, a 4 season sunroom includes dual pane windows. Needless to say, dual pane windows provide better insulation than single pane windows.
Typically a 4 season sunroom includes a 6″ thick Polystyrene insulated aluminum roof. This provides better insulating value than the 4″ thick roof in a 3 season sunroom.
Without a doubt, these roofs are engineered for snow loads. Also, they are guaranteed to be leak-proof, and bug-proof. Usually our panels are pre-assembled in our facility. This is done for two reasons. First of all to ensure the high quality of wall panels. Secondly, this reduces the time to install on site. A shorter install time means you will be enjoying your sunroom sooner.
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