B Wise Contractors 3 Season Sunrooms

Features Of Our Three Or Four Season Sunrooms

B Wise Contractors, is proud to provide our clients with the very best in three season sunrooms and four season sunrooms.

Keep the little ones safe from the sun on your patio or deck without obstructing your picture perfect view. Enjoy a beautifully crafted, professionally installed patio or deck cover today!

Windows are built specifically for your sunroom to maximize your view, and to maximize light exposure. The style of windows depends on whether you are building a three season sunroom or a four season sunroom.

As for roofs, there are basically there are four types to choose from:

  1. All glass roof with is dual panes and low-e coating
  2. Aluminum V-pan
  3. Aluminium with 4″ thick Polystyrene insulation
  4. Aluminium with 6″ thick Polystyrene insulation

Rest assured all of our roofs are engineered for snow loads. They are also guaranteed to be leak-proof, and bug-proof.

Usually our panels are pre-assembled in our facility. This is done for two reasons. First of all to ensure the high quality of wall panels. Secondly, to reduce the time to install on site. A shorter install time means you will be enjoying your sunroom sooner.

At B Wise We’ve Got You Covered!

Just like our sunrooms, our aluminum v-pan patio covers, glass patio covers, acrylic patio covers, and insulated aluminum patio covers are built in Canada and are designed to meet Canadian snow load requirements.

The aluminum extrusions used by our Canadian suppliers will hold up to the cold far better than the vinyl extrusions used by US manufacturers.

Benefits of buying a B Wise patio cover or deck cover include:

  • Resistance to deterioration and rot
  • Being completely resistant to weather exposure
  • here is no need for yearly maintenance
  • It will not become infested with insects
  • The extruded aluminum used in our sunrooms are stronger than, wood, vinyl products, or roll-formed aluminium products.

Sunroom financing is available, so call (780) 489-0181, or contact us to book an in-home consultation today!

B Wise Contractors North Edmonton 3 Season Sunroom

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