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Features Of Our 3 Season Sunrooms

B Wise Contractors, is proud to provide our clients with the very best in 3 season sunrooms. Windows are built specifically for your sunroom to maximize your view, and to maximize light exposure. Typically a 3 season sunroom includes single pane windows. The main purpose is to block wind and insects while allowing light.

Usually a 3 season sunroom features a 4″ thick Polystyrene insulated aluminum roof. Rest assured all of our roofs are engineered for snow loads. Also, they are guaranteed to be leak-proof, and bug-proof. Usually our panels are pre-assembled in our facility. This is done for two reasons. First of all to ensure the high quality of wall panels. Secondly, this reduces the time to install on site. A shorter install time means you will be enjoying your sunroom sooner.

Constructed From Aluminum For A Longer Life

Needless to say, if you plan on living in your home more than 3-5 years your 3 seaon sunroom should be aluminum construction. While vinyl extrusions are less expensive in the short term, they are more expensive long term. This is because the vinyl sunroom will have to be repaired or replaced every few years.

Most people think vinyl deterioration is caused by sunlight. The fact of the matter is, the cold weather causes the damage. Most vinyl used in products such as vinyl sunrooms become brittle during a typical Albert winter. However, aluminum extrusions remain strong during our cold weather.

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