Which Siding Is The Best?

Nothing improves the curb appeal of your home like new siding. It used to be you only options were basically wood (most often cedar), aluminum, or stucco. Fortunately, these days you have more options to choose from. With all the types of siding out there, how do you decide which is the best for you? To make a fair siding comparison there are three main factors to consider: price, durability, and aesthetics.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl is typically the most cost-effective option. Though vinyl siding is dent-resistant, it can be damaged in cold weather as most types of vinyl become brittle in -10 to -20 degrees weather.

Vinyl siding tends to fade sooner and fade more than other types of siding. Part of this is due to chalking. As a result, vinyl siding should be wiped down approximately every 5 years.

The most common style of vinyl siding is is woodgrain panels which is a available in a wide variety of colours, and there are a few profiles to choose from. In recent years simulated rock has become a popular accent.

Polyurethane Simulated Rock Siding

Polyurethane is another material used for the simulated rock siding. It is more of an investment than vinyl, but much less than real stone, as it offers a truer look than vinyl and more colour variation.

Though more realistic looking than vinyl, it is less durable. Therefore, vinyl simulated rock panels are recommended for families with small children (for as we all know, life happens).

Wood Composite Siding

Though wood composite siding is not as durable as cement board, it is more economical. It is however more durable than vinyl or polyurethane siding.

Some wood composite siding, such as the siding offered by B Wise, is much more resistant to colour fading than all the other types of siding.

Cement Board (HardiePanel) Siding

The most common cement board is HardiePanel (though some spell as two words, one word is correct as it is a brand name), which some times referred to as “Hardie board”. It is typically the most expensive type of siding. It is the most durable, and fire-resistant type of siding.

Though more durable than wood composite, cement board will require re-painting sooner than wood composite siding.

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