More Insulation Means Lower Energy Bills

If you want lower energy bills this year, it is a good idea to act now. Natural gas and electricity prices are expected to increase. According to CBC and Kuby Energy the price of electricity will increase in 2019. According to Alberta Energy Regulator, natural gas prices are forecasted to increase over 50% over the next eight years.

(table from Alberta Energy Regulator’s report on Natural Gas Prices )

Of course, you cannot control the price of natural gas or electricity. The only way to have lower energy bills is to lower the amount of energy you use. The best way to reduce the energy you use to heat or cool your home is to improve the insulation.

Four Ways To Insulate Your Home

When people think of keeping more heat in their home, they usually think of adding or replacing the insulation in their attic. In fact, there are four ways to increase the amount of heat you keep in your home.

1. Exterior Insulation

First of all, add exterior insulation. This is only effective if the entire house is covered. Even though it is a small space, it is a good idea to improve the insulation of your garage as well.

Any type of siding can be installed over the insulation installed by B Wise Contractors. If you’re not sure the type of siding you want to go with, check out your optionsHardieplank has become a popular choice.

2. Insulate Basement Walls

Secondly, you can reduce heat loss by insulating your basement walls. B Wise recommends using Quik Therm’s Beyond Basement Insulation System. This system is more energy efficient than a lot of the regular batten insulation used to build homes.

3. Insulate Basement Floor

Thirdly, B Wise recommends adding Quik Therm’s Warm Floor Insulation. In addition to keeping heating costs down, it will keep your feet warm. Most types of flooring can be installed over it.

4. Insulate Attic

As mentioned earlier, the fourth way to reduce heat loss is by improving the insulation in your attic. This insulation settles over the years, and becomes less effective.

Benefits Of Adding Insulation

Improving insulation not only keeps the heat in during the winter, it keeps the heat out in the summer. Keeping the heat out reduces your need to cool your house. Using less AC means using less electricity.

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