Our basement renovation team helps with the design, permits, and construction of legal suites, and Airbnb conversions. This includes 3D drawings, and acquiring permits.

What Is Involved

All in all basement conversion renovations involve:

  1. Acquisition of permits
    Without the proper permits you can face fines, and possibly have to evict your tenants until you have the proper permits in place.
  2. Preparation of the ground work
    By and large this initial stage includes inspecting: moisture sources, cracks, drainage, window wells, floor drains, sump-pumps, and backwater valves.
  3. Preparation of the space
    Secondly we will ensure foundation walls and floors are properly insulated to prevent heat loss. We will look at inside and outside insulation options.
  4. Putting the mechanical and plumbing systems in place
    By and large this contributes to your comfort and health. This is done with proper air circulation, and by controlling the humidity.
  5. Keeping it legal, and safe
    As a rule inspections are conducted of  electrical outlets and fixtures, windows, means of egress, and enclosure of the mechanical room. All regulations will be adhered to.
  6. Finishes and coverings
    Finally, our basement renovations are completed with materials that resist moisture, mold, and mildew. These materials also help prevent problems with insects. This combination of outstanding workmanship and quality materials makes our basement renovation a fantastic value. In short B Wise basement renovations are a great investment.

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