Is Your Deck Ready For A Sunroom Or Deck Cover?

Sunroom on new deck installed by B Wise Contractors

So, you’re ready for a new sunroom or cover, but is your deck?

With summer quickly approaching, now’s the time to start thinking about a new sunroom or deck cover. Before you begin considering what to put on your deck, you should take a hard look at the deck itself. Here are some things to look for:

What is the condition of the wood?

B Wise Contractors recommends that old wood decks be replaced with a longer lasting composite material. Wood does not have a warranty; whereas, composite deck material has a warranty.

How many boards wide is the support beam?

Often times the support beams are only two boards wide. B Wise recommends that the support beams be three boards wide.

How wide are boards used for the support beam?

Though 2 x 8 beams are common, 2 x 10s may be required.

Are there screwpiles?

If the sunroom or cover has to be attached to the side of the house, the deck will have to be on screwpiles. B Wise will look after the required permits, and deal with the engineers on your behalf if you choose.

Will moving or adding electrical conduits be required?

Before adding a sunroom, think of how you will be using it. Will you be listening to the radio? Using a mobile device that may require plugging in? Will you be using an electrical space heater? Remember that just about everything you do requires something to be plugged in.

In addition to outlets, you may require electrical for lighting and ceiling fans.

Will adding or moving gas pipes be required?

If you plan to use a BBQ, will it be using propane or natural gas? Are you thinking of adding an ornamental fire pit? If you are considering either of these, a gas pipe may have to be added or moved.

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