4 Reasons Having A Dedicated Home Office Is Important

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There are a few options available for building a home office. You can renovate your basement, build an addition, or add a four season sunroom. Regardless of how you build a home office, here are four reasons it is important to have one.

1. Easier To Focus On Work

If you have small children, having a dedicated workspace will by no means eliminate distractions. Not to mention the fact you cannot leave small children unattended for any length of time. However, with older children and with your spouse having a dedicated room for an office will help.

In addition to helping you focus, a home office will benefit your coworkers as well. This is with respect to there being fewer distractions during video meetings. While it is understood that some people are in the position of having to juggle raising small children and working, there is still still some expectation of mitigating distractions whenever possible. Though this is not always a possibility with small children, it is with other distractions such as pets and another spouse working from home.

2. Easier To Separate Work Life From Personal Life

Having a home office is better for your mental health. Many are finding it difficult to “turn off work”. Going into and then leaving a dedicated workspace will help with going in and out of work mode. Treat your home office like the office you drove to and from everyday. 

When you leave the office at the end of a work day, leave the work behind. This is why a room with a door is recommended instead of just a dedicated workspace open to the rest of your home. There will be less temptation to do “one more thing” which turns into another evening spent working instead of spending time with your family.

3. Better For Your Physical Health

Having an office with an ergonomic chair, and a desk that is at the proper height is important. By now working on your couch, or at the kitchen table is probably taking its toll. Not only are you feeling it in your back, but you may be noticing it in your wrists as well.

You have probably heard that bad posture is not good for you. In fact bad posture can cause:

  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Headaches
  • Digestive problems
  • Circulation problems

If you are using a computer all day long, it is important your keyboard is positioned properly in relation to your body. Failure to do so may result in carpal tunnel syndrome. If you have been working on your couch for the past few months your keyboard is likely not being positioned properly in relation to your body.

4. Possible Tax Benefits

Depending on the nature and circumstances of your work, having a dedicated workspace may make it easier for calculating tax deductions. Though you cannot use the cost of building the home office as an income tax dedication, the square footage of the home office can be used in the calculations for deducting other expenses. Having a dedicated room for a home office makes it easier justify using the square footage of the entire room as opposed to having a desk in a guest bedroom and calling it an office.

To determine what expenses are eligible for as a deduction, it is recommended you contact a certified accountant or income tax specialist.

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